Monday, November 21, 2011

Multitude 11.21.11

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

Ardyn harvested her first doe yesterday....emotional, yet triumphant.

Ashlin held Elizabeth's hand really tight as they walked down the steep staircase at church.  Mari scolded Ash for "yanking Giz's arm off".  To which Ashlin offered, "Would it be better to have a sore arm, or crash down the stairs and break your face open and die?"  With little hesitation, Mari clarified, "Well, if you've accepted Jesus as your Savior, I guess it would be ok if you crashed and died."

Landen sat with his little sisters in church while Philip worked and I played the piano.

Luke sat at home with Elizabeth - waiting out the 24 hours without fever.

Overtime pay for Philip's emergency work on Sunday's.  I'm pleased that his company realizes there IS a difference in that set apart day.


We'll be able to see my mom and 3/4 of my brothers this week.

I anticipate a bubbling brew of togetherness --

sibling jabs and belly laughs,

hugging cousins with books & toys

Grammy and her coloring books

cooking and cleaning...a dance of generations skirting around and about the kitchen

late night conversations...dim lighting, hushed tones, going deep with/for lifelong understanding

morning coffee with bad hair, puffy eyes, and comfy smiles

 real-time, face-time updates and status alerts

the relaxation of laundry deferred.



Life more abundant


Marvelous Grace