Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kids Say

Ardyn made Blini - Russian Pancakes.  They are very similar to the crepes I made for French class in 9th grade.  As Luke tried one, he commented on the unfamiliar texture.  "They're kinda I think I could use this to open a jar."


Mari Alice has been on many 'dates' with Uncle JW to the duck pond behind the ETBU field house.  Donut Shop and Duck Pond go together like uncles and nieces.  Saturday as I pulled up to collect Luke from the last ETBU home game, Mari Alice shrieked from the backseat, "You mean they play football at the duckpond??"


Elizabeth Anne is a parrot.  She copies whatever she hears.  With two roughneck fellas, a mommy prone to pared-down expletives, and 3 older, sassier sisters, this activity can prove problematic.
"Stop it right now!" she spews.
"Seriously??" she tarts.
After missing a hole in one on the wii, she grunts, "Oh, dangit!"
"Hush you mouth!" works for the dog AND pesky siblings.

We have each made a fresh commitment to clean up our mouths (which we need to anyway) and offer her the opportunity to follow our example wholeheartedly.

Over the summer I learned to cook fresh green beans in a skillet with coconut oil and sea salt....until they are caramelized and yummy.  Last time I got out the skillet and beans, Ashlin announced to the household, "Uh-oh, guys, Mom is making burnt green beans again!"


Ardyn was at my bathroom mirror noticing how much she and I look alike.  With default levels of self-loathing, I muttered, "I know...I'm really sorry."  And with her characteristic redemptive love, she cheered, "Why are you sorry?  I think you're beautiful!  I'm glad I look like you!"