Sunday, October 02, 2011

Thessalonian Thoughts, Part 1

(1 Thessalonians 5:16-27)

Be joyful always.
Let your words and actions and appearance
express peace and delight and a sustaining gladness
in every way, at all times.

Pray continually.
Offer praise and petition to God - who is Love
in every way, at all times.

Give thanks in all circumstances.
Gratefully acknowledging the benefits of
communion with God - who is Immanuel
in every way, at all times.

For this is God's will
This is what God prefers.
This is God's plan and purpose.
Not only for His own glory, but...

for you in Christ Jesus.
This is God's will for you
For your good.  For your benefit.
For you in Christ Jesus.
You in Him.
Abide in Him, for apart from Him, you can do nothing.
With Him, all things are possible...
In His way, at His timing.

So that you might be joyful in every way, at all times.