Thursday, September 29, 2011

To Be Honest

My wedding ring is still missing.  Every time I think to pray for its return, my heart turns toward Mari Alice.  This has been a long journey for her.  We talk about it daily.  Some days she speaks with matter-of-fact, objective certainty, other times, she breaks down into a swamp of emotions and remorse.

During Monday's revival service, she seemed stirred.  I wondered if there would be a confession forthcoming.  A confession of faith.  A confession of what really happened to my ring.

She knows she should never have touched my ring.  She knows it was wrong.  She knows she sinned.  She knows she is forgiven.  But it is still unresolved and mysterious to us all.

Several times a day, we ask her again.  Her story is always the same.

Earlier today she asked me, "Why won't God remind me where it is?  I have asked Him to, but He won't."  I assured her that I have similar conversations with Him.  I assured her of His perfect love and perfect plan with perfect timing.

Tonight at bedtime, she melted down.  She cried to Philip, "I lost Momma's ring.  I didn't mean to, but it's gone!  I don't know where it is.  I can't find it anywhere."  She was so heartbroken.

Now I sorta wish God would reveal where the ring is --not just to ease my mind, but to ease a little girl's pain.  He is revealing Himself, instead.

To redeem that which is lost.  To work a miracle that beckons faith in His love and power.

If she were to receive Him, the ring's prolonged misplacement would not be unredeemed.

Dear Lord, thank You for softening Mari's heart to prepare her to hear Your truth and accept You as the Life, and the Way.  You work in mysterious ways.  We trust Your perfect timing and provision.  (Philip is wishing that won't involve purchasing a new long as we're being honest:)  Thank You for the ongoing conversation.  You love us well.  Whenever You're ready, we are ready.  Thank You.