Friday, October 21, 2011

Swiper, No Swiping!

 This year, we are being "resourceful" as opposed to straight up "creative".  

Ardyn gets 30 bonus points for wishing to re-purpose last spring's recital dress.  She will add a halo and glittery make-up and become the embodiment of the angel that she is:)

 Ashlin has chosen -rather randomly, yet decisively - to dress as Peter Pan.  We googled the young character and we believe we can pull this off with minimal effort.

Mari Alice, desires - with all her sprinkly heart - to be a cupcake.  We found this costume at Pottery Barn for a kajillion dollars.  We shall venture to fashion our own version.  This one will be the most work, for sure, but it has the potential to be "oh, so cute!"

Elizabeth does not get a vote.  We discussed all the possibilities during her nap, and we have concluded that she shall be a red crayon.  Period.  The End.

Thank You, God, for the world wide web.  Thank You for the creativity You have given others.  We hope to bring You honor as we have a super great time dressing up and using our imaginations and fashion design "skills".  We love You!