Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day[s]

Today I returned to my "real" life.

Last Thursday I drove to my mom's house in Missouri. I kissed my family goodbye and sat all by myself for 7 hours. The next thing I knew, I was hugging my mom and moving into my weekend hideaway.

Mom and I spent three solid days eating out, sleeping in (well, I did:), shopping, and finishing some organizing projects. Countless calories, substantial slumber, bounteous bargains, profuse productivity. Huge fun!

I also had the pleasure of visiting with cousins and aunts - some of my favorite women on earth.

While I was away, Philip and the kids played and watched baseball, cleaned the house, went to parties, played in the sprinkler, watched more baseball, went to church, shopped for groceries, and bought a mammoth gas grill.

The inside joke is that Philip soothes his loneliness with "consumer therapy". Several big-ticket items in our home can be traced back to being purchased while I was absent or incapacitated in some way. There is the flat screen tv from Elizabeth's birth, and the Cadillac of a vacuum cleaner from Mari's hospital stay. Last fall when I was on bed rest with back problems, I think he bought a pick-up.

Last night I returned to a lemony-fresh home, a hickory-smoked patio, and a happy family digging into a huge platter of hot, juicy meat. Pretty good stuff.

Thank You, God, for Mom. Thank You for a WONDERFUL weekend away. You knew how much I needed some extended quiet time, and You provided. Thank you for my sweet family. Thank You for a victorious day as we reacquainted ourselves with a routine and recommitted ourselves to all that You've called us to. To You be the glory!