Monday, May 02, 2011

Calm Within the Storm

Is it weird that I love rainy days?

"Yesterday was plain awful", as orphan Annie would sing. So perhaps any kind of day would have seemed good for the sake of improvement. No matter, today was wonderfully peaceful - cool and refreshing in many ways. Some people move to sunnier climates to combat depression, I think Seatle or London might serve me well.

Why do I love to be home so much? It's roomy, but not fancy; maintained, but not emaculate. It's not trendy, but it displays the things that make me happy. It's not spacious, but it holds the ones in whom I delight.

Tour of Gratitude for tonight...

From the garage: countless pairs of shoes - some for play, some for work, some for simply looking lovely.

From the kitchen: the yummy smell of breakfast food prepared in time for dinner.

From the dining room: that big beautiful bowl in the center of the table that holds far fewer apples and none of the bananas from earlier this morning.

From the nook: I'm thankful for the junk. There, I said it. The constant shuffling of papers to and from piles, the neverending transitions throughout the day from cluttered to tidy - all the many indications that several active people enjoy sharing this space.

From the living room: the host of wii characters that represent guests in our home from the last year or so. I can hear Mari cheering for the animated baseball game, "Good job, Abby! Way to smack the ball, Uncle Josh!"

From the hall: a well-worn path that registers productivity.

From the hall bathroom: six soapy scrubbies that wash away the wear of the day.

From the pink room: an extra large mirror propped against the wall - smudged with fingerprints - reflections of fun.

From the green room: hmmmmm. (I'm consciously dismissing the overall aroma of that boyish place to think of something lovely.) Ah, yes, the bottle of Adidas body spray that covers a multitude of funk.

From the purple room: my ceramic baby plate and cup set...establishing my own antiquity.

From our bathroom: the silver cake pedestal I use to hold my earrings, pedometer, and perfume...and two bobbie pins. When it's time to wipe off the counter, I just lift the whole platter and voila'!

From our bedroom: the little corner that houses my sewing machine that Philip bought our first Christmas. The gift that keeps on giving:)

From the patio: two wooden rocking chairs - ever available to host comfy conversations and breezy laughter.

Thank You, God for rainy days and clear perspective.