Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brotherly Love

Over the weekend, my middle brother, Josh, earned his PhD. The most touching moment of the weekend happened as soon as we arrived. Josh showed us the first few pages of his dissertation. It was a preamble of sorts where he acknowledged all the people he considered influential in his quest for this achievement.

Here is my favorite paragraph.

"To my brothers and sister: You are a dream team of siblings, and to be called your brother is a high honor. Cari, your wit is your charm; how remarkable that a woman so brilliant and beautiful could be such a fun girl. Tim, you are a true Renaissance man. Your insights into so many aspects of life flow with the continual freshness of a mountain spring, and those of us who are close enough for free refills are blessed. James, the way you enter the world of everyone you talk to is magnetizing and inspiring. To know James is to love James, and to have met with you is to be edified."

Incredible? James commented to me after reading it, "I think I kind of like myself now:)" Personally I felt like I had never been described in such kind light. What a feel-good way to start the weekend! I DO have super brothers...of whom Josh reigned as chief this weekend. My brothers are the best. I am a happy girl to be known so closely and yet loved so deeply...despite my inadequacies and undeserving ways.

Since Tim is scheduled to earn his PhD soon, there are rumors of a celebratory sibling road trip. I asked if I had to have a terminal degree to participate. The long pause and blank stares assured me that no amount of education could compensate for my anatomical shortcomings. It's a brotherhood thing. I wouldn't understand. They DID, however, welcome any home baked snacks I might be able to provide. "You could be with us in the FOOD, Sis!!!"

Punks. Really wonderful "lucky-me" punks.