Saturday, March 05, 2011

Web Master

I'm a google NERD.

I love research, but the Internet makes it almost too easy. You can find huge amounts of information with very little effort. (This can be good AND a not-so-good.)

I frequently scoot over to and But my favorite is the good ol' google box. For this reason...

Every day, the kids ask me all kinds of weird questions. The answers to which I either can't remember or don't know. SO i google.

"Why are m&m's called m&m's"

"Why is the mockingbird our state bird?"

"Is there a casting crowns concert we could go to?"

"what's that little dip in your upper lip called..the dent between your nose and top lip?"

"Is Dr. Seuss dead?"

"Who thought of hot dogs?"

Just this evening, Philip was marveling how his ear infection may have came from congested sinus passage ways. "Why would God design it that way?"

Having not even a clue, I immediately googled, "sinus cavities and ear canal", and began my report: "Well, dear...where shall I begin??"

By his abrupt exit, I assume his curiosity was rhetorical. And oddly enough, I have no sense that my efforts were in vain.

Knowledge is bliss.