Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was running late to church. The route is a straight shot up the highway. My window of time within which to arrive without tardiness, was closing quickly. As I approached the first of many intersections, the red light turned green before I even applied the brake. "Smooth sailing!"

I imagined for a moment if that had gone differently. What if I was forced to stop at intersections and wait for green lights. Man, would I have been frustrated!

No construction. No detours. No traffic. A straight road leading directly to my destination. But timing seemed to be everything. A string of green lights made the difference in my mood and my punctuality.

Timing. What if I could flip a switch as I left my driveway and all the lights through town would be synchronized with my drive so that I never had to stop along the way. Cool?

I think that's what I secretly want from God sometimes. "I'll follow you, but if we could get right to this... and I really don't have time to stop and start...I've wasted time, I'm in a hurry, and now I need You to make this really easy...green lights all the way."

I confess I find God's "perfect timing" curiously challenging at times. I wonder how often I've refused to synchonize with Him. Is that why life is so frustrating at times? Not enough margin to allow for stops along the way. Not enough patience to endure the interruptions with joy. Not enough gratitude to receive a simple journey.

I think I might need to wake up a little earlier on Sundays.

And I need to try to view life's "red lights" as neccessary moments of pause.