Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Victory

After learning the disturbing facts about High Fructose Corn Syrup, I knew it was something I should live to avoid.

I steer clear of the obvious junk: jellies, processed cookies, cakes, sodas and "juices". I've become more savvy as I provide pure condiments like vinegar & oil dressings and pure maple syrup.

Recently I was saddened to realize even my beloved Blue Bell was heavy laden with HFCS. I had lived for decades in blissful ignorance. The happy cow in the spring meadow and the cheerful delivery men blinded me to the danger. If I had any interest in giving up the celebratory cream, I might have investigated its ingredients. But somehow, I was always too enamored by the deliciousness to be proactively concerned. Until the day, my brother - with little care for my deep-seated emotional connection to "Groom's Cake" - he just spouted it out like it wouldn't alter the course of my life. "You know Blue Bell is made with HFCS, right?"

Now I know. So, now it doesn't matter if or when it goes on sale, no happiness, uhhh, I mean, no Blue Bell for the Johnsons.

Yesterday, I read the label on the bar-b-que sauce in my fridge. WHAT?? Who bought this? Did they not read the label? How did this get into my home. HFCS is EVERYWHERE!!

This side of Glory, I will never be RID of it. But perhaps truth, diligence, honesty, and perseverance can be the key to a good, long life.

Does this make you think of sin? Not the ice cream...this whole "flee from" scenario...

You know the obvious biggies...and many times you successfully steer clear of them. But what about the stuff that seems unimportant but you end up smothering everything in your life with them. Purity? Or that fake, killer junk? If you're not paying attention, they can seem VERY similar.

What about the stuff you've enjoyed for years - only to find out the truth, that was ironically available the whole time? (It would have taken a little reading, though:)

Then there are times you had no idea it had even made it into your life. "Where did that come from? Who brought that in? We don't do this!!"

This side of Glory, we will never be RID of sin. But perhaps Truth, diligence, honesty, and perseverance can be the key to a good, long life.

Thank You, Lord, for forgiveness. Your gracious, miraculous ability to apply Christ's payment-in-full on our account gives us the victory over sin. Help me keep a watchful eye for things in my life that displease You. I really wish You had a way to reverse the effects of fructose on my body, but I find comfort that even if I live to be 100, it's just a vapor. This body is only temporary. But You have given me eternal, abundant life through Your mercy and love. Thank YOU:)