Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 17

He walks with me... 7,201 steps

He talks with me... Tonight we walked while the banana bread was baking. The elderly woman who lives at the bend in the road, lives alone, and often she will come outside just as I pass her driveway. Merely coincidental timing cannot account for the dozens of times this has happened. Many times I stop and talk. Many times I pass her by with an energetic wave and cheerful hello.

As I approached her house, she was in the driveway looking around her property. I briskly walked by and waved. I knew in that instant, that the Lord would have preferred my stopping, but I took six more steps, and then I was too far to turn around without looking weird. I double checked with Him. Yep. She needed someone to talk to and I needed to be available more than I needed to rack up more steps.

I looked back over my shoulder only to see her returning inside. I begged for forgiveness and promised to visit with her on the way back around...if He could get her to stay outside. By the time I reached the end of the road, and turned around, I noticed that she had stopped just by her walkway. "Oh good! Keep her there...I'm walking as fast as I can to catch her before she goes inside."

As soon as my mind uttered "inside", that's where she headed. I felt terrible. I wished I had stopped earlier. Then, as I passed her driveway for the second time, I saw her sweeping the steps in her carport. I darted in with the stroller and a smile. "Hello! How is everything?"

That's all I had to say. She talked for almost 30 minutes. As though she had a chapter book from which she had been waiting to read aloud to me, she told me of the day's events. "Today is the day that marks six years since my sweet husband died...six years ago today..." She went on to tell me about her doctor's visit, the termite crisis, NOT having chicken for dinner even though it was Friday (because Terminix stayed so late) and how her daughter was coming to visit tomorrow.

I was "quick to listen and slow to speak". She seemed pleased to be able to process her eventful day. I could have lingered even longer, but I suddenly remembered my banana bread and had to excuse myself. I missed out on the last thirty minutes of daylight where I might have tracked 3,000 more steps, but I feel fulfilled that I was able to be obedient...even if it took two tries:)

He tells me I am His own...
Take heart my friend the Lord is with us
As He has been all the days of our lives
Our assurance every morning
Our defender in the night