Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bright Spot

Philip and Luke are enjoying this gorgeous day at the ballpark with their team.

Elizabeth is basking beneath the nap time breeze of her ceiling fan.

Landen rode across the road to trick some bass with a lure on a line.

Each of my three future family managers is completing her single spring break organization project.

Mari is straightening the left drawer in my bathroom: the "hair thing" drawer. With all the ponytails and clips and bows used each day, that place can get Cuh-razy!

Ashlin is tackling the arts and crafts cabinet - the one more adequately described by Mari's mispronunciation, "Arts and Craps".

Ardyn is busy cleaning out the hall bathroom cabinets...the high-traffic area where pigs fear to tread.

I have a looming deadline for a planning project so I came to the computer to get to work...but I simply prefer to blog.

Such a peaceful, dutiful, and delightful day must be recorded in some way!

And so it shall:)

**In a spirit of equality, Landen and Luke have agreed to organize the garage and lower kitchen cabinets respectively...and respectfully:)