Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Thoughts

Nov 1: Thank You, God, for today...You made it. I will be glad right here in it:)

Nov 2: Thank You, God, for rainy days, giggly kids, and fully functional household appliances...and the calm assurance that You have made all these possible.

Nov 3: Thank You, God, for friends who speak the truth in love. Priceless:)

Nov 4: I thank God for Philip Johnson. Handsome, happy, strong & also he thinks I'm a very fun girl. He's simply the best.

Nov 5: I thank God for faithful friends who live to make music to our King.

Nov 6: Just plain ol' thankful:)

Nov 7: I am thankful for sisters who love each other and giggle alot. I only know the good-hearted chuckles of brotherly love, so this closeness my daughters share is mesmerizing to me. I'm so glad they have each other...and that I'm along for the ride:)

Nov 8: This morning I am thankful for beds that are made, toast that is buttered, coffee that is brewed, and the wealth of opportunity today seems to hold:)

Nov 9: I thank God for my two man-cubs. They are handsome, funny, and helpful.

Nov 10: Thankful for miracles. Real-life, sent-from-above, modern-day miracles.