Thursday, November 11, 2010

Captive Audience

This morning as Elizabeth is lingering in her highchair, Mari shares the gospel.

She leans on the plastic tray and opens her miniature pink Bible for Liz to see.

"Can you show me Jesus?"

The baby touches the pages of print with her chubby pointer finger.

"Good Job, LizBeth!"

Then MariAlice proceeds to tell the whole story...

"Mary had a tiny baby named Jesus.
Did you know that Jesus died for your sins?
He did, He Did, He DID!
It was soooo sad when Jesus died on that cross."

She closes the Bible and walks away from the highchair.
Elizabeth hollers in protest, so Mari dutifully returns to her post of proclamation and opens the scriptures again.

"But THEN...
Mary was sooooo happy 'cause Jesus rose up from the grave.
He wasn't died anymore! Yay! The End."

Thank You, God, for letting me see You this morning in the dining room. I trust You to draw these two precious girls closer to You so that they might seek You more, know You more, and love You more.