Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful for my Tribe: Part 3

Brendan Luke 2002.

I wanted a "Luke". Philip wanted a "Brendan". We compromised.

This guy is a triple threat. Not so much singing, dancing & acting... I was thinking more like handsome, sharp & cool. He is officially taller than I and he is determined to call me "Short Stuff".

His tall stature, blond hair, and blue eyes make him a knock-out. His dimple melts my heart. AND he is keenly aware of this capability and unashamedly exploits my maternal meltishness. He'll aim that dimple right at me as he cocks his head and smiles, "Pleeeeeeease, Mom, just this once." ("This once" my rrrrutabaga!)

It is no secret that Luke challenges me...on a lot of levels. He immediately perceives inconsistency and will not tolerate status quot. He always sees room for improvement and can usually catch my mistakes. He finds comfort in closure... projects, conversations, AND especially cabinet doors. He thrives on honesty and I am honestly grateful for all these things.

He is learning the art and importance of pursuing peace and I firmly believe God will use him to do bold and mighty things for the Kingdom. It is my joy to be a part of his molding and shaping.

Did I mention that he can drop a buck, mash a ball, and cook an amazing dinner?

Thank You, God, for Brendan Luke.