Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, October 12, 2010...

Outside my window...the cool, dark night surrounds our warmly lit home.

I am remembering...that I forgot AGAIN to call the billing office at the hospital today. Would a string around my finger be the next strategy?

I am thankful for...my physical therapist. I've never been so grateful that an individual chose the path of higher learning! She is so gifted and helpful...such a pivotal part of my healing. Thank You, God.

I am creating...an ENORMOUS mess in the girls' rooms. We are trying to systematically switch out seasonal clothes. With four growing girls, it's a multi-tiered process which sadly has spanned several days already. We can see the light at the end of this hand-me-down tunnel...and we purchased vacuum sealable storage bags so there will be more closet space in the off-season.

I am going...choir practice at the Methodist church tomorrow night. I am so blessed to be able to be a part of two different worship services each week. I experience an array of thoughts, responsibilities, messages, tunes, and friendships. I'm a lucky girl:)

I am reading...nothing. While on my floor mat during September, I was able to catch up on all my magazines. However, my mind is not quite back in gear to tackle a new read, so I stall, and the bedside pile of possibilities continues to stack.

I am hoping...for lots of things...but my hope is ultimately in Christ.

On my mind...my sweet Mom on her "eh-hmmth" birthday.

From the learning rooms...auto pilot. good thing.

Noticing that...the clutter bugs have reinfested my room. Not sure when I can exterminate. Hopefully soon.

Pondering these words... "We don't stop moving because we get old. We get old because we stop moving."

From the kitchen...Talapia, sweet potatoes, spinach & onions, and carrots. FYI: Elizabeth has a NO DEAL policy on all of the above. She's never rejected any food. But tonight she was rolling it off her tongue, out of her mouth, and back onto her tray as fast as we were offering it. Philip giggled hysterically. So we all joined in.

Around the house...The veggie rejector is sleeping soundly. The tuckered out clothes-tryer-onner is snoring in her toddler bed. The studious one is reading in bed. A frustrated fashionista is also reading in bed, but with slightly less enjoyment. Three handsome Ranger fans are spatting stats with awe and wonder as they bask in the glory of tonight's post-season victory. And I, in my solitude, am happily blogging.

One of my favorite things...the sound of my children singing. Whether it's Ardyn repetitively lilting Elizabeth's name really sweetly, Ashlin rockin' out to "He's Still Workin' On Me" with headphones, or Mari Alice's "My Country 'tis of Thee, sweet lamb of liver-tee..." It's all great. Landen is rarely NOT singing. And despite the deep-throated strength his recent physiological transitions do afford, he still prefers his breathy, high-pitched falsetto. (makes me grin.) Heck, I even enjoy Luke's hilarious original ballad entitled: "Partially Hydrogenated Lard" -trust me, you do NOT want to know.

From my picture journal... My lovely mother and [almost] all her grand kids. It's been less than a year since this photo was taken, and we've added two more! Thanksgiving 2009, Jack Henry was "in transit" and Abigail Rae was yet in the mind of God. Thank You, God, for my mom...and all the darlings represented on her ever-expanding birthstone charm necklace:)

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