Thursday, September 16, 2010


I just have to say that my kids are the greatest. With more than a week of bed rest yet to endure, they continue to have [for the most part] fabulous flexibility and honest, helpful spirits.

I have been rendered useless in my own home. I have achieved full "tabby cat" status and struggle with frustration, guilt, and general helplessness. Meanwhile they cheerfully oversee Elizabeth's watch care with tag team enthusiasm, they take turns getting meals prepared and served, and seem to enjoy my consistent presence and availability in the middle of the living room floor.

I've had my feet rubbed with lotion, ice water served with a straw, and coffee & toast provided every morning --with a great deal of butter, naturally:)

The pain is subsiding each day, it seems. I also have more mobility in my joints - hip and knee. But with the improvement comes distinct temptation to get up "for just a minute to see what I can get done". Philip says, "No, Ma'am!" And so I lay. Or do I lie? Even without drugs, that's a tricky call. I'll let you make it.

Thank You, God, for Landen and his servant-like sweetness; for Luke and his ability to anticipate a need; for Ardyn and her kind-hearted helpfulness; for Ashlin and her ability to care and cope; for Mari Alice for the brightness she brings; and for Elizabeth and her precious personality. Thank You, for Philip. He is one of the greatest gifts You've blessed me with. Help me be gracious and kind as I am forced to retreat and receive. Thank You for Your healing.