Saturday, June 19, 2010

VBS: Kid Quotes

Monday, we visited "Rhoda"s house in Bible times. She was telling us about Peter having escaped from prison when the thundering sound of Roman soldiers filled the room. The kids all hid under blankets as directed. When the footfalls faded, the children emerged from their hiding places wondering if the soldiers had "really" been there. After a few moments of surmising, one noticeably astute youngster hypothesized, "Hey! I bet it was just a recording of soldier feet playing over those two really big, black boom boxes up there!"

Secrets revealed.

Tuesday, we were sailing a ship through a storm with Paul - another prisoner for Christ. Water bottles spritzed and storm sounds roared, as we tripped and swayed along the deck. After throwing all our cargo overboard [onto the huge blue tarps], I explained that our boat was about to run aground and we were going to have to jump ship. One little girl immediately raised her hand and reported, "I have a really big problem." I asked her to explain. She continued resolute, "If we have to jump overboard, I have an ear infection and I'm not supposed to get water in my ears."

30 bonus points for believability.

Wednesday, our associate pastor played the part of Paul. In full Biblical garb, Paul approached our group as we sat around a camp fire on the slithering island of Malta. One little fellow whispered to his teacher, "That guy looks really familiar!" Remaining in character, the teacher replied, "Sure. It's the apostle Paul. We released him from the ship yesterday...he must have swam to shore." After a brief pause, and another good look at Paul, the boy stood fast. "Nope. I'm pretty sure I've seen that guy at W@lm@rt!"

We might need to increase next year's hair & make-up budget.