Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Faves

Folks have asked, "Is it hard to have so many children and not have favorites?"

Well, I do have favorites...

My favorite thing about Luke is that, he adds items to the grocery list posted on the fridge. I love to walk up and see his handwriting and be thankful that someone has my back when it comes to the pantry. And I love how he'll lean on the counter and tell me stories of his day.

My favorite thing about Ashli is her giggle. She is usually reserved, so when she lets a chuckle fly, it's for good reason. Her carefully spent, yet boisterous laughs brighten my day. And if I forget to kiss her, she will hunt me down and smooch me.

My favorite thing about Elizabeth is how she physically reaches out to people as a greeting. A gently pointed index finger toward the persons face - as if to say, "I really like your nose!"

My favorite thing about Mari Alice is her independence. (This might also make the list of least favorite things at times, but we'll focus on the positive:) If something's out of reach, she'll get a chair. If she's seen it done once, she'll try it on her own from now on. Problem solver:)

My favorite thing about Ardyn is her happiness. She sees beauty in almost everything. She finds a friend in almost everyone. She likes who she is. Plus also she does her own hair everyday - and it's done beautifully.

My favorite thing about Landen is his peaceful nature. He rarely argues with me. He's always ready to be helpful, and usually has a kind word to share. I also love that he will drop whatever he's doing to come kill a fly. I just keep cooking and holler, "FLY!" and he does:)

Thank You, God, for my children. Help me be a fun mom. Help me teach them Your ways. It's so great to watch them grow. Thank You for trusting me. Oh, for grace to trust You more!