Sunday, April 11, 2010


The writer's conference this weekend blessed my bones.

Before attending, I received valuable reminders from my wonderfully wise friends:
"Just go and be yourself."
"Don't make up a goal just to have one."
"Go with an open mind and let the Lord work."
"You'll have so much fun. This is what you love!"

They were correct. Beyond receiving insightful information from published authors, I enjoyed milling about with folks who share my love for powerful words and thoughtful ideas.

I reconnected with college friends, enjoyed inspiring conversations with fellow writers, and quickly solidified a fresh new relationship with a "friend of a friend". Good times.

In other weekend news:
*Landen pitched his team to a victory Friday night.
**Luke's team won both their games Saturday evening.
***"How to Train a Dragon" received four stars from matinee movie-goers.
****James & Katie stopped by for a couple nights on their way back to Colorado and delivered a distinct upgrade to our home's general happiness, adult:child ratio, and frequency of ice cream consumption.
*****In my preoccupation with the conference, I barely noticed that the girls set a new [disturbing if not disgusting] record of wearing the same set of clothes for 50+ hours. In my defense, I'd like to revisit the earlier noted adult:child ratio. Anyone?
No harm done, and no piles of dirty laundry. So it worked for me.

Thank You, God, for these past few days. You have a plan and I trust You to reveal more of it in Your perfect time. Thank You for Philip who made this weekend's activities possible in so many ways. I love that guy! Please protect JW & KT as they travel tonight. You know I'm trusting You for Leslie's healing. Your Light shines so brightly through her beautifully humble life. I love her so much, but I know You love her first and better. I'll let you have it:) This is me layin' it down. You are so faithful! Thank You.