Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mmmm Good!

The next time I'm losing my patience with Luke, ask me, "Does he have a project he's working on?"

His obvious need for stimulation and accomplishment - even as a preschooler - was the catalyst for Johnson Academy's establishment. Very little has changed.

These past few days have been so nerve-wracking. He's finished with his school year. He doesn't want to help me with the bathroom. He's bored and I won't let play on the computer all day long.

This morning he asked me to make "too much coffee" so that he could try a recipe for a frugal frappe with the leftovers. After lunch he enthusiastically blended everyone a custom flavored coffee drink. He commented, "Mom, I think I'm either gonna play major league baseball or write recipe books."

I told him that sounded good.
He wondered if those two ideas seemed too unrelated.
I explained that from a marketing perspective, it was genius.

Then the Holy Spirit whispered in my frazzled-mommy ear:
"Speaking of ingenious ideas..."

For the rest of April, Luke will be working toward publishing an "All-Star Cookbook". He will test & prepare appetizers, main dishes, and desserts - the first of which received rave reviews at lunch today:) He will write a personal paragraph to include with each recipe along with a photo and a scripture. (Science, Math, Language, Bible, and desktop publishing - shshsh! don't say a word:)

You may reserve your copy now:)

Thank You, Lord, for having lunch with us. Forgive me for being anxious and annoyed. Thank You for gifting each of us in different ways and calling us to live purposefully. Thank You for Luke. He is amazing. He got that from You!