Sunday, March 07, 2010

Young Musicians

This morning Mari Alice sang "I am a Promise"
with her pals in Wee3.

Tonight was MP3's musical presentation of
"GPS: God's Plan of Salvation"

Where Ashli sang her first solo in church.
Made me cry.

In between all that, there were egg casseroles delivered to the youth class, "sin-sticker tag" in the 2nd grade class, stage & set polishing, a nasty lunch of leftovers, a brief but powerful nap time, baseball practice, pond fishing, playing with friends, and an even nastier snack of leftovers before we left for the church house this evening. Fortunately, Philip took us all out for a celebratory mexican meal after the musical. (The kids celebrated their job well done. I celebrated the idea that my Sunday evenings just opened WIDE up!)

Thank You, God, for such a great day! You are so faithful to never leave us and always love us unconditionally. Thank You for Jesus - the Way, the Truth, the Life! Thank You for the kids in MP3. They are Your treasures, and I've been blessed to worship You with them each week. Lead us today!