Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Fave

This has been such a full, fun week. Final preparations for the musical...or as the kids and I joke: 'the Spring MusiCAAAAL'...have taken up much of my down time. Yesterday all the kids enjoyed a pre-musical hair cut. (Thank you Mrs. Jennifer!) Since hers would take the longest, Ardyn had the last appointment. The rest of us scooted down the road to the public library.

Landen got online while the other three played games on the computers in the children's section. I sat in the padded chair over in a corner and nursed Elizabeth. As I soaked in the peace and quiet, I thought, "THIS is one of my favorite things...the Library."

The subtle shuffle of pages turning. The collective whispers of questions and answers. A delicate balance of diligence and delight. High, straight shelves store and display all manner of ideas - from intriguing to repulsive, ingenious to ridiculous, and everywhere in between. How vast is the opportunity to be literally surrounded by thoughts, truth, fiction, and fun!

Thank You God, for quiet, useful spaces. Will there be library's in Heaven? Oh, I hope so! You are the Author and Finisher and You existed forever in "the beginning" which doesn't strike me as a chaotic, noisy place. So perhaps. It's fun to wonder...