Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The kids and I went to Branson to visit my mom for Spring Break. A little paint, a couple drapes, a tiny bit of knee surgery, lots of D!sney Channel, some yarn and 5 needles, TONS of great food, a rolly-grassy-hilly backyard and good, good times!

While I was gone, Philip demolished our master bathroom. I returned home to find my room in complete and overwhelming dishevelment. To be fair, he did more than just gut the bathroom. He also took great strides to improve it and renew its functionality. But he's a sort of "clean it all up when we're done" worker-guy...and we ain't done.

He has installed the new tub & shower unit with fixtures.
The sink & counter guys came yesterday.
He has installed a [totally cool] pocket door.
He has installed a new vent and lights.
Sheetrock, mud & tape have all been checked off the list.

Now I must paint.
But first, I must organize & plan.
But before that, I must empty and purge....and I mean BEYOND tossing my cookies due to sheer anxiety.

So... I just showed up, and already, I'm a week or two behind.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

While he works a little each evening to finalize the trim, lay a few tiles, and replace the electrical outlets, I'm sorting through a ridiculous amount of "toiletries" that I found under my cabinet.

*Several tubes of lipstick that I shall NEVER use.
(You know, after a year or two, you can actually begin to smell the whale blubber they use to make that stuff. Gross.)

*A plethora of pharmaceutical paraphernalia with questionable purposes and expired dates.

*Five band-aids. 421 band-aid wrappers.
(Do my kids not see that I have a trash can in my bathroom????)

*Some disposable razors that NEED to be disposed.

*And cleaning supplies. Do we NEED 3 half-empty spray bottles of Windex?? Or the mystery toilet wand that doesn't fit our scrubber pads? What's the story on that? And is there a rule against using the last 2 paper towels on a roll? We're saving those 4 skinny rolls for what?

I need another garbage bag.

Meanwhile, here's what I'm thinking for colors...

Walls: Blue Bell Homemade vanilla ice cream (almost vanilla pudding, but not quite)
Cabinets: Dark Chocolate brown.
Trim: Dreamy White like Cool Whip
Towels: Caramel
Soap Dispenser & perhaps some art might be the Cherry on top:)

Can you see it? or should I say, taste it?
I feel like my mind's eye & my sweet tooth are collaborating.

Thank You, God, for Philip. Thank You for this home and the resources to take care of it for You. Help me see my immediate surroundings "in the light of eternity". Calm me. Inspire me. Strengthen me. Bless me. (You already have:)