Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

Boy Howdy. That was a rough several days.

then Mari...
then Luke...
then Landen...
then PHILIP, (hello! He utilized a sick day for the first time in 5 years)
then me. (um, hello!! I haven't run fever since my appendix ruptured 3 years ago)

headache, fever, and the tummy-crummies.


day after day of the infamous ABC diet:

AND tons of laundry.

At our low point, the unwelcome virus delivered its one-two punch, and Philip's onslaught of symptoms overlapped the time frame of my own. We each sat in our respective recliner, shivering in fleece hoodies despite being bundled deep within queen size quilts. As all the kids were recuperating/vegetating in front of the prime time Olympics, one child remarked, "You know it's serious when mom AND dad are sick."

We're better now.
Thank You, LORD! We are all better now.

And now for a little silver lining:

We were able to spend one whole day as a family at home.
I haven't had to cook a meal in several days.
I've already exceeded my 2 pound weight loss goal for this week.
I have an automated washing machine so I did not have to wash all that stuff by hand.
(who are we kidding? I have an automated washing machine so I did not have to BURN all that stuff.)