Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Capsulette

Elizabeth Anne is 8 1/2 months old. She is so tiny. She is happy and patient and beautiful, but just so little. The comments from people are coming more often. We go for her 9 month check up in a couple weeks and we'll make sure she's good. "SOMEbody has to be in the 5th percentile!" Liz's faves: Cheerios in the high chair, GoFish dvd, pulling up using people's two fingers as handle bars...and ahhhh yes, speaking of two fingers...mmmmmm good.

Mari Alice is 3 1/2. She has been "almost 4" since the day after her last birthday, so it's nice to know that we can now round up and be truthful. She enjoys her maze book and writing her name. She likes boggle jr. and her kitchen filled with playdough. She likes to eat "chicken" -her universal term for meat, salad and all sorts of fruit, but NO orange potatoes!

Ashlin Rae is 7. She is queen of consistency. She keeps a calendar, updates the grocery list, studies her sunday school lesson and rarely has a messy room. She LOVES playing on her basketball team...especially with Dad & LP coaching. Her reading and writing skills have rocketed this year and 2nd grade is just around the corner.

Ardyn Grace is 9. What a lovely young lady she is becoming! She has a distinct awareness of style and fondness for fashion. Different shoes and earrings for every day...these are what dreams are made of. She loves science, poetry, music & art. She is excellent at caring for her little sisters and she is a very good friend.

Brendan Luke is 12. With deer season behind him, he's ready to focus on baseball. He loves reading books, especially history. He's my number one grocery guy. He can take half the list and meet me back with a buggy full of goods. He looks forward to 7th grade and has keen senses...smell, taste, [over]hearing, style and humor.

Landen Paul is 14. He loves to fish and is excited to be dusting off the batting helmet for baseball this season. He loves the outdoors...this we know for sure. He is finishing one of his best semesters of school ever. He is a confident babysitter and a pretty good cook.

Oscar Dog is good. He likes to run and play and chase and bark...and lounge. He knows not to walk of the baby's quilt, but does not see a problem with resting his bearded chin on the far corner. As "head of ranch security" his recent challenges have included the internet guys, the terminix guy, the septic guy, the flocks of black birds thieving seeds from the yard, and several birthday parties and get-togethers that far exceeded the acceptable limit of "intruders".

Philip is almost 39. We've got a few months, but still. He has had a busy year at work already. He loves what he does during the work week and he loves what he does for fun. He is Captain Bedtime and I love that. He reads, he sings, he prays, he tickles. And in the morning it's literally, "Rise & Shine". A boisterous musical delivery that defies melodic pitch and gentle interpretation. The dog growls, the kids groan & plead with him to stop...and I just grin and put on the coffee.

I am 38 1/2 exactly. I love to cook and clean and read and write and walk around the block. MP3 musical is in two weeks and I'm looking forward to it's success. I am settling into the notion that we will homeschool through the secondary grades. There will be no more infants, and everyone involved agrees we have a good thing going. So, to answer the top 3 questions posed by interested bystanders and concerned citizens...
"No, we are not trying to be the Duggars...just the Johnsons."
"Yes, we're gonna keep homeschooling."
"Yes, I know she's so tiny!"

Psalm 62
Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.
Trust in the Lord at all times, O people;
Pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.