Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

Today at MOPS we shared our favorite things. I'm sure I have more, but tonight this is what's on the brain.

If you've been to my house once or read my blog twice, you probably already know this one. When they go on sale, I stock WAY up...Kath, am I right??

Kitchen Lemon Hand soap

And from the same company, I recently found this treasured scent...

Coconut Lime Verbena Wall Flower

And for the cold & flu season...or allergies which shove us straight into "year round"...even my kids request this nasal "flusher-outer".


For Children's books, I have two favorite authors/illustrators.

Iza Trapini

Jan Brett

Now, for the winky-links...These are the faves I shared with MOPS today.

I am an uncertified "dealer" of Mary's "Creme Brulee" Candles to more than a few friends & family in the lower 48. (Which means I snag them at our local W@lM@rt by the dozens and take them to family gatherings) Yummy!

And for organizational ease and budgetary bliss, e-mealz pdf menus are THE way to go! I subscribed for several months a couple years ago and still enjoy my printed copies stored in a binder. Check it out.

Lastly, I enjoy a skillfully-written story that brings both a giggle and a tear.
This recent post written by my longtime friend, (& our mentor mom)
Jeanne will bless your socks off!


"I came to give you life - life in all its fullness."
-Jesus, John 10:10