Thursday, January 01, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY January 1, 2009...

Outside my window...chilly and bright. Weather forecast calls for a warm afternoon, so I turned the heater down this morning despite the low 40's temperature. Climate control in Texas...never dull.

I am thinking...that I am ready for a fresh start. It has been so nice to spend so much time with Philip and the kids over the holidays. I feel like we're ready to face the new year as a energetic, unified, well-fed team.

I am thankful much! God has done great things. It's almost overwhelming to think about. I'm thankful for the opportunity to raise another Johnson. I said the sentence to Philip last week, "We have five more years to parent Landen in our home." I think I had a panic attack as the words came out. How did time fly by so quickly? I'm in that weird phase of pregnancy, where I'm no longer feeling ill, I'm not feeling the baby's movements yet, so I just feel like I've gained 10 pounds. Very strange. Mari and I talk about the baby almost every day. She will be a very good big sister. She's had some great role models.

From the learning rooms...What a nice break the last couple weeks have been! I've shaken the role of teacher and have embraced the privilege of just plain ol' mom. I do look forward to next week. It's been slightly unnerving to approach each day without a plan or routine....ultimately fun, but not initially comfortable.

From the kitchen...Half a load of dishes wait patiently in the left sink. They didn't make the 2008 cut last night. I've been sick since last week, but I gathered myself enough to help Luke prepare one last culinary expression of love for our family. Last night's menu included venison queso, taco salad, chipotle rice, refried beans with melty cheese, warm tortilla chips sprinkled with chili powder, and homemade salsa. Together, all eight of us enjoyed a warm, tasty dinner with cool, creamy Bluebell to wrap up 2008.

I am pants and a red tee shirt.

I am creating...some purposeful approaches to the new year. God has blessed us, and to whom much is given, much is required. I also hope to come up with a healthy rendition of bacon mushroom swiss burger melts for the guys when they return from hunting.

I am going...on a date tomorrow night. I have the sweetest, most handsome husband in the world, and he thinks I'm a fun girl. What more could I wish for?

I am new Holman translation. It's laid out to read the Bible through in a year. I love the story of Adam and Eve. The tough lesson I learn each time I visit their story is the importance of getting the Truth straight from God. When the serpent questions Eve's knowledge of the tree, she is limited to hearsay from Adam. (Chapter 1 says that the Lord told the man not to eat of the tree. By Chapter 2, Eve has expanded her once removed version to include 'no touching the tree'.) I want to stay in the Word. Read it for myself. Receive teaching and admonition, but go back and test it according to the Word. I don't want to add to Scripture or only read what I believe. I want the faith to believe what I read.

I am hoping...God will prompt and lead our family to live boldly for Him. Jesus' earthy parents were asked to ignore public opinion even before His birth. As Joseph tried to spare Mary public humiliation, the angel commanded him to do otherwise...and ultimately allow the Lord to handle their reputation. May He give us the courage to be obedient.

I am hearing..."Between the Lions" on PBS. The girls ate a late breakfast with their Daddy, so they are holding out for a comparably late luncheon when I finish this post.

Around the house...Christmas decorations need to be gathered and stored away. Always a slightly sad event. JW, Philip, and the boys are hunting and the girls are hanging out in my room. Oscar is napping somewhere.

One of my favorite my new NetiPot. It is a terribly invasive apparatus that forcibly, yet mercifully cleanses all sinus cavities and passages of "all that plagues me". It's a little tea pot that you fill with a "patented portion" of warm saline solution. As you lean over the sink, and cock your head to one side, you insert the spout into one of your nostrils and tilt the teapot until the saline has traveled through your passages and is draining out the other nostril (if not eyes and mouth) into the sink. Hello?

After five days of debilitating congestion, I succumbed to the peer pressure --"Leaf Lan Ree!" and yielded to my apprehensions concerning my overactive gag reflex. Except for good tasting food and drink, I consider myself an "exit only" kind of girl. I see no pressing need to insert needles or tubes, ingest gigantic pills, snort medicinal mists, inhale foul smelling vapor, or swallow non-nutritive fluids -- simply for the sake of potential improvement to overall good health. However, five days in the recliner can change your perspective.

Philip and James walked in the house discussing the odds of my willful participation. JW: "She'll never do it." PJ: "Oh, yeah, she can do it, but she's totally gonna puke." Then the discussion turned toward me concerning their eager involvement. JW: "You gonna do it now? I gotta see this!" CDJ: "IF I do this, I'm doing it in private." PJ: "Bull. You're gonna do it, and we're gonna watch."

I did it. My whole family did it. We had a bit of a NetiPot Party. I must say that Mari is slightly addicted. "Do NetiPot 'gin, Momma?" The fellas thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of my giggly, tearful spewing and slobbery spatting over the bathroom sink. It was not my finest moment, and they found great joy in my humiliation. But I DO feel MUCH better today. I actually felt better immediately after the "administering", but my physical relief was clouded by the emotional jeering and snickering that continued for hours as the menfolk would retell of the "hilarity". Seriously, if you're stuffy, buy a NetiPot, you'll be glad you did.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Keep reading, straighten & clean the house. Write out the next few weeks' lesson plans, and get a jump on ironing for the next couple weeks. And don't forget Datenite! Basketball games on Saturday and then back to the church house on Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...My darling brother, JW gave this little morsel of framed encouragement to me for Christmas. Precious. In case you can't make out the fine print, it says, "Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few."

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