Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Flashback Foto (For a F-Abby-lous Friend)

2003: Ardyn carefully feeding Abby a bit of slushy at a PCBC softball game.

By Ardyn Grace:
Abby is a very good friend to me. I've been to every one of her birthday parties...every single one. I like her new room and her big bathroom. Her little sisters are very cute too.

We love to do arts together. One time we went to a tree and painted a stick, a pine cone, and a leaf. Then we found this old can and we painted it red, white, & blue to match the sticks. Then we came back in and had lunch together, but then she had to go home.

My favorite thing about Abby is her hair. It's short and pretty. We are good friends because we pretty much like all the same things.

Happy Birthday, Abby. See you tonight.
Love, Ardyn