Thursday, January 08, 2009

Can We Talk?

Last week my cousin, Leslie, proposed an excellent idea. She invited her blog readers to participate in an online discussion relating to Priscilla Shirer's new Bible Study, "Can We Talk: Soul-Stirring Conversations with God". We had discussed the study prior to her post, so I had dutifully purchased the book and had begun to thumb through the sessions.

All weekend, I couldn't shake the notion that I might not be the only one "out there" who would thrive on the accountability that such a low maintenance set-up could afford. So I sent out an invitation to folks in my email account. As of this afternoon, 11 ladies have responded that they plan to simultaneously journey through this study. Five of the ones who live here in town have agreed to come join a Wednesday morning discussion. This is VERY exciting for me. I LOVE support...not just in undergarments, but in so many areas of life!

It's not too late, if you weren't in my contact list, feel free to grab a book. We begin the study Monday, January 12. You can complete 5 brief lessons a week and we'll be done by the end of February. For those who are "getting personal", we'll have our first meeting the next Wednesday on the 21st to make sure everyone has time to finish the week's questions.

I have no idea how the posting schedule will go. I'll follow Leslie's lead, post her permalink, and then readily accept input from other readers and bloggers.

Hope you can join us!