Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday, December 11, 2008...

Outside my window...cold, peaceful night.

I am thinking...that I didn't intend to boycott Blogger, it just happened. I've had SO much on my mind, and yet very little freedom or opportunity to share.

I am thankful for...God's sheer Goodness. Sometimes life is hurried. Sometimes it's hilarious. Other times it is just plain hard. But God never changes. He's the same Love & Light & Life that He was in the beginning, and that He will continue to be forever!

From the learning rooms...We finished this week in four days despite Monday's post-musical cleaning blitz. Everyone agreed it would just be wrong to do school on Ashlin's birthday. So we doubled up and hurried through and we're done. Luke and I had a lengthy, impromptu discussion on economics today. He wondered why I wasn't going to order pizza for Ashli and her friends. I told him that I thought I could get the supplies to make personalized pizzas for less than the $30 I would pay the delivery guy. Ashlin and I went to WallyWorld this afternoon and I am happy to report that I purchased pizza ingredients, drinks, stuff to make & decorate cookies, goods for the goodie bags, and the junk for her cake. I spent $31. He was anxious to meet me in the driveway to see how I fared. He seemed pleasantly impressed.

From the kitchen...the lingering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies and coconut cake. The fellas produced an emealz recipe for everyone before basketball practice. Ashlin and I ate 99 cent cheeseburgers "cause we were starvin'!" on our way home. The kitchen is more of a wreck than I usually allow the sun to set upon...but I'll be back in there first thing for now, I blog.

I am jeans, JW's navy & red thermal Henley, and I still have my tennis shoes on because it is cold! (O WOW, I didn't have to change a thing from 10 days ago. If it's any consolation, I haven't worn this outfit in the interim. NOPE, that was very little consolation.)

I am creating...a few gifts, a few lists, a few plans, but otherwise, I'm concentrating on creating a warm, nurturing environment. (Momentarily failed miserably when Luke yanked a grocery bag out of the car and shattered a glass jar of (necessary)Pasta sauce onto the frigid, dark driveway. I'm better now) Warm...nurturing...concentrate...create.

I am going...hunting Saturday morning. This is what my birthday girl wishes for. "I want to go hunting at the deer lease with Mom & Dad." I'm gonna find some warm socks and some ear plugs in case I need to bust me a monster buck. I literally had a nightmare that I shot a deer, but the blast left me temporarily deaf in my right ear - to the point that I botched my solo the following morning during the adult choir's musical. I'm a nerd. Ash has already announced that we shall be breaking fast at IHOP. NOW we're talkin'!

I am reading...I'm reading "Wolves of Willoughby Chase" to the kids in the afternoons. I use my best British accent when called for. The kids think it's wildly entertaining in a "Mom's such a nerd" kind of way.

I am hoping...Ashlin enjoys her special day tomorrow. Her brothers and sisters have some special activities planned for the morning. Her friends should arrive in the afternoon. Pizza & cookies by request for the evening. And Uncle JW is making her biggest wish come true (aside from the parental hunting excursion) by taking her ice skating tomorrow night. Who wants to go with me to video the 6'2'' twenty-one year old -who hasn't donned even roller blades since the early 90's- "teach" the six year old to ice skate...IN PUBLIC? UTube, here we come. Seriously, he is the greatest uncle on earth. Can I get a witness?

I am hearing...Philip is already asleep and breathing deeply. Also, PBS "AniMusic" broadcast from the corner of our room. It's my little way of masking the noise of my nails clicking along the keyboard. Everyone else is silently asleep.

Around the house...The fire that has warmed our house all day has sunk into a heap of hot, glowing coals. The house is dark except for my room where the flicker of the television, the blue hue of the computer monitor, and the crisply lit red digits of the alarm clock provide a balanced triangle of subtle light.

One of my favorite alone time with each of my kids. The Home Finance Lesson with Lukie was definitely a bonding session.

Today's errands with Ashlin... She asked me, "Have you ever seen JW cry?" I told her that when he was a little baby he cried. "What about when his dad died?" I told her that I didn't see him cry that day but later when he really started missing him, he cried. "Yeah, like how I miss Papa Hank? I want him to still be here so he can show me his card trick." Then we hypothesized several possibilities for leisure activities in heaven.

Then, tonight Mari helped me bake. She was helping put the Diet Dr. Peppers under the cabinet. She couldn't open the cardboard box. "Mom, I need a knife," my two-year-old said to me. "No, you cannot have a knife." "Ok, I need scissors." "No, you may not have scissors." "Momma gonna open this box???" Considering the recently offered options, I responded, "Sure." When she had emptied the box of all the canned beverages, she hopped up and began jumping on the box. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Gotta mashit down fo the trash!!" Made me laugh.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Party Central tomorrow, "Brrrr de lease" and a grand slam Saturday, Adult Choir Sunday, then it's T minus 5 days for the trip to Missouri. Yay!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Since we're expecting, well...not to be crude... but there are mass quantities of "items" in my linen closet that I won't be needing for a while. I thought I'd recycle AND be creative...let me check my list to see if "holiday slippers" is written by your name...

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