Monday, December 01, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, December 1, 2008...

Outside my window...the boys are raking pine needles to fuel our next mallow roast. The dark, billowing clouds conceal the sun's last rays of daylight.

I am thinking...that it was cold today. Just plain ol' cold! But that's a good thing. Snugglin' weather!

I am thankful for...Christmas decorations. They bring me vast amounts of joy. Since my basic color scheme in the living room is "pine" and "cranberry", I live year round with an underlying palette of cheer. The week of Thanksgiving I simply pull out the color-coordinated stops!

From the learning rooms...The boys and I are shifting focus from China and Japan to Russia. Ardyn is struggling to concentrate, but doing well in all her subjects. Ashlin is the poster child for "slow and steady gets the job done".

From the kitchen...quesadillas tonight. We've been living off leftovers for a couple days. I was so tired of venison, that I made some wonderful "Crispy Almond Chicken" on Saturday. The recipe calls for 2 Orange Marmalade, 1 T crushed read pepper, half'n'half, and toasted almonds. Yummy! Sunday, Landen was sharing my exhaustion with red meat. "I made chicken," I reminded him. "You mean that creamy crud?" he commented with great disappointment. Well then.

I am jeans, JW's navy & red thermal Henley, and I still have my tennis shoes on because it is cold!

I am Advent calendar to hand out at the Christmas musical Sunday night. Prophecies & Promises...Fulfilled & True!

I am TRY to sand/prime/paint the sad, pitiful, lone cabinet door that got lost in the shuffle last week. It hurts my brain to think about it.

I am reading...the Musical script over and over and over. I keep thinking, "I've missed will this work...does everyone know what they need to do?"

I am get several good nights of sleep this week. With the musical looming on the horizon, my mental wheels may put up a stiff fight when it comes to settling down each night. My pre-natal nausea is directly linked to fatigue, so if I can't get rest, it ain't gonna be purdy! Chamomile & lavender anyone? Nyquil might be more like it...kidding.

I am hearing...the girls scurry around to find socks so they can hurry outside to "help the boys". Nightfall will soon mercifully adjourn the "group project".

Around the house...Philip is at work. JW is ...working, playing racquetball, writing a pick; I can't remember. As of that last door slam, I'm the only one, Ardyn is still here finishing up her spelling list. She's humming her solo to the musical, and I assume alternating legs to kick out to the side while she twirls her paper around one rotation between each word. Bless her little unmedicated ADHD self!

One of my favorite my big electric griddle. I will be able to make 6 quesadillas at a time which will make up for the time spent blogging.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Adult Choir Wednesday, Kid's choir Thursday and Saturday, SS party Sat pm, Church on Sunday am, then "MYSTERY OF THE MANGER" 6pm Sunday. Come if you can!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Christmas 2006

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