Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, November 25, 2008...

Outside my window...quiet darkness.

I am thinking...that dinner was sort of a let down. I'm usually a pretty good cook. BHG usually has pretty good recipes. My crock pot meatballs with a cranberry/chili sauce missed the mark. It was mostly a consistency issue. Folks seemed to choke it down alright, I was just mildly disappointed.

I am thankful for...church choir. I went to rehearsal last night feeling weary and worn. After an hour of orchestrated, unified harmony, I left a refreshed woman.

From the learning rooms...This week is Thanksgiving break! Books stand silently at attention in the shelves, patiently awaiting next Monday. The kids roam noisily about, purposely in denial of next Monday.

From the kitchen...I did the dishes tonight. All the kids were outside admiring Landen's spike he harvested this evening. (I KNOW! More meat to process! How do you do that 'purposeful denial' bit??) I have a couple things to cook tomorrow for our trip to Tyler, but first Ardyn has requested waffles for breakfast. Her dear friend is in town and my daughter wishes for nothing less than the perceived wonderment of toasted, frozen waffles. Seriously. There are also about five bananas who have seen better days. Shocking.

I am wearing...blue jeans, Philip's polo sweatshirt and socks.

I am creating...a printed program for the Christmas musical. Eleven days, people!

I am going...to visit with my friend, Jessica tomorrow as our kids play. Then it's off to Grandmother's house, we go.

I am reading..."The Shack" by William P. Young. I read it last year, but this time I'm using a highlighter. It is such a provocative read.

I am hoping...it doesn't rain as predicted on Thursday. It's such a challenge to maintain an attitude of gratitude when the kids are either cooped up inside or they all have muddy shoes. Which is worse? OOh, what if they get cooped up inside AFTER all their shoes are muddy? Both/And!!! Bleck!

I am hearing...the "Hallelujah Chorus" being sung in my mental background while the thunderous rhythm of two simultaneous showers fill my physical space. After 8 people have rotated in and out of my bathroom over the past month -for various, repetitively relentless reasons- our having both bathrooms functional is a fabulous thing.

Around the house...Philip is outside finishing up the buck, JW is in B-town. Otherwise, it's movie night. In Cinema One, we're showing "Angels in the Outfield" and in Cinema Two, we're showing an encore presentation of "Kung Fu Panda" in honor of Abbarooni who has yet to experience it. "There is no charge for awesomeness...nor attractiveness!"

One of my favorite things...is a clean & tidy room. The girls and I spent all day yesterday and the first part of this morning overHAULING their room. I black garbage bag to the trash, two tubs to storage, 16 Clorox wipes, and two loads of laundry later.....one happy, healthy, hopefully-gonna-stay-that-way-or-I'll-have-to-hurt-somebody pretty, pink room! Priceless.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Friends tomorrow, Family on Thursday, Christmas tree set-up on Friday, Cabinet doors hung by Saturday, Corporate Worship on Sunday. Nothin' but Fun!

Here is picture thought I am sharing..."As you deer panteth for the waters, so my family longs after you..."

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