Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over and Out

Friday I had a doctor's appointment all morning and then napped and then went to dinner with my woodsman husband who harvested a 6-point while I napped. Friends came over to visit and then Friday was over.

Saturday I worked on the bathroom all day, then Saturday was over.

Sunday we worshipped, ate pizza, napped, watched the Cowboys win, rehearsed with MP3, stopped by the store for "milk'n'bread", worked on the bathroom and then Sunday was over.

Monday I WORKED ON THE BATHROOM, showered, attended choir rehearsal, went to W*lM*rt for Thanksgiving stuff and came home just in time for "House of Payne". Then Monday was over.

Today we have had guests under 12 all day. I have spent tons of time with Mari, sanded cabinet doors (that's the only thing left:) and cooked a couple meals. Now I'm blogging for the first time in almost a week, and today will soon be over.

Thank You, Lord for a bountiful week. Thank You for my family and our home. Thank You for blessing our bathroom project...it looks good, huh? Thank You so much for last Thursday with the kids. It was such a fun day. They are such great kids. I'm a rich woman. Actually, the riches are all Yours, and You are so good to share!