Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elmo, Sacajawea, and Life

The other day, Mari and I were starting our morning together. I had put on the coffee, she had done her bathroom biznez, and we were in my room, looking for my black crocs. As I looked under my desk, she began to plead with me about a chocolate Elmo. I stopped and sat down in my desk chair. She repeated herself, "No my chocat elmo." I was so confused. I probed, "What, Honey?"

After a couple more volleys of repetition, I finally understood her. "No Momma checka e-mull. Come! Un bowl o' blue ceral."

I was overcome with guilt and shame as I poured her a bowl of Life and a cup of coffee for myself. How pitiful that she knows what I'm doing, she knows it will rob her of my attention, and that I do it too much. I waited to "choco elmo" until after she had gone down for a nap.

I have to get a grip on this computer stuff. I tell myself it keeps me sane. It gives me a chance to write, to be in contact with friends and have adult conversation on my own time. This may be true, but I've allowed my "own" time to broaden into almost "all" the time. Not good.

If you missed it, here is our weekend in a nutshell:
Friday - Family Photos (YAY)...scroll down the sidebar to catch more of them.

Saturday - went to watch Luke play in his world series, decorated for Fall Fest, napped, went to watch Luke play in another game, bathed, got a tiny bit of sleep.

Sunday - left at "crack o'dawn" to sing in the first of two services. After SS, Philip and the boys went to what would be Luke's final game (but he hit two doubles and his first over the fence home run, so it was a victory), girls and I enjoyed a restful afternoon, then we all met up at the church house for the Fall Festival.

This year's costumes were scaled back from last year. First, the boys wished not to dress for the occasion. (fine by me) Second, we had all the makings in our possession, save one pretend stethoscope. All in all, it took about 15 minutes to do make-up and $0. Ardyn went as Sacajawea (and took great offense to each Pocahontas assumption), Ashli was a lady bug (and took it all in stride when a couple people asked if she was a bumble bee - c'mon folks, look alive! red + black w/ antennae = lady bug; black + yellow w/ antennae = bee), and Mari Alice was a doctor (an obvious, non-misleading, full-out doctor of medicine). The kids had a blast riding hay rides, jumping jumpy things, tossing darts at balloons, fishing for candy, and eating various combinations of chili, cheese, and chips.

Thank You, God for our church family. Thank You for all the visiting folks who came to fellowship tonight. Thank You for the gift of worship. You are GOOD and You Reign! Help me keep my lifestyle in check. Please help me put the needs of those in this precious household ahead of my own. I trust You to meet my needs. Thank You for loving me and "workin' on me"...If I act like I don't want it, you know I'm lying. It's hard, and sometimes painful, but I want to be changed. I want to be holy. You're the Only One who can make it so! You are Good!