Saturday, April 21, 2007

Family Day

Today the entire household traveled with the boys and their county 4-H rifle team to the district shoot. They each did really well. Landen shot his record last night in practice, and nearly reached it again today. Luke did great, as well. We did not stick around to get his final score....we were all tired, and he was one of the youngest to compete, so we'll hear the scores later today. It was a great excuse to be out in the sunshine, pack a lunch, and use the stroller.

As I type, James and Mari Alice are taking naps in their respective rooms. They seem to represent the peak stages for rest requirement. My oldest 4 darlings are hunkered down finishing a movie they could not complete before "lights out" last night. Philip is on the couch watching baseball. We are so grateful that FOX offers Saturday MLB games to regular, non-cable, non-dish, non-network folks. I sat with him for a while. We miss baseball. Secret confession: we were on a date last week, and after dinner we seriously considered going out to the ballpark to watch some kids play. The boys have not mentioned little league. They continue to play a daily rotation of football, baseball, and basketball on our property with friends and family, but have not mentioned missing "the ballpark".

I must go check dinner. Philip and I are meeting some couples from our SS class (that we no longer attend because we're with the college peeps) at the bowling alley. The kids are meeting the kids of said couples at the church. James and Megan are being collectively hired to monitor all the fun and frivolity. SO everybody under this roof will load up around 5:30. It's my job to provide some food, clean up the mess, change into some cute "date" clothes (that will look good with bowling shoes???) , pack a diaper bag, and get my game on. Ok, so there's no game to get on, but the rest -I should be able to take care of.