Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sniffles and All Things Sinful

Mari Alice has a cold. I sheltered her the best I could, but with 4 siblings, an uncle, a dad and a bunch of friends, it was inevitable, I suppose. So, like I did with her older brothers and sisters, I have begun to use the (dun-dun-dun)NOSE SUCKER! It is now my goal in life to keep her sinus cavity free of mucus. A cold is one thing, but a secondary ear infection is quite another. So, to this preventive end, I arm myself with the light blue suction bulb, and boldly go where no mom likes to go....snot-sucking.

I learned with Landen that no good comes from dragging out the process. It's not going to be fun. You can gingerly approach the nostrils and attempt to remain gentle and pain-free, but this technique is not only time-consuming, it is ultimately ineffective in the overall removal of drainage. Instead, it is wise to hold the child down, close the opposite nostril, then quickly and steadily suction the unwanted mucus out of each passage. This approach is not for the faint of heart. You can fully expect the child to kick, flail, scream, cuss, and try to hold her breath until you leave her be. But this, too, shall pass. When the eternal 90 seconds of procedure has concluded, you can comfort her with an embrace then whisper words of restoration into an ear that will hopefully stay well.

Is there a life lesson to be learned from snot suckage?
#1 Unhealthy things in our lives must be removed.
#2 Ridding our lives of such "yuck" can be uncomfortable and potentially painful.
#3 The benefit of clean living is the hope of sustained health.

After a day of worship and Bible study, I am conscious of sin that has taken up "snotty" residence in my life. (I imagine it like that Musinex commercial where the animated, green blob unpacks his things) I know if I confess it, God will forgive me. But some habits have to be "sucked out" in order to avoid continued sin or secondary "infections". I honestly do not look forward to the process of God "cleansing" me....according to scripture, God uses a refiner's fire instead of a blue bulb. Some of my sinful ways are REALLY comfortable and kind of fun. But to keep an eternal perspective, the peace of righteous living and the hope of sustained holiness far outweigh the momentary discomfort or pain of "expulsion". So I will surrender to the One who loves me enough to deal with the "nasty junk" in my life....the One who doesn't promise to keep me comfortable, but comforted.