Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Checkin' In and Checkin' Out

Mari Alice had a 2-month check-up today. She's growing beautifully and needed 4 preventive shots. The older kids worked on schoolwork in the waiting room while Ashli made her "supportive big sister" debut. When the doctor entered the room, she whispered some type of experiential warning concerning this man in scrubs and his tools of torment. She reported to the doctor that Mari cries a lot. He asked "about what?". Ashli replied, "Mainly 'bout my when she's starvin' or when she's suckin her nose and stuff." Ashli continued in her role of comforter/informant with great skill. She held Mari's hand during the inoculations and spoke softly in a high pitched, melodic tone: "OOH, Baby Girl, it's alright...sister's's almost're ok." Then in a surprising change of tone, she addressed the nurse and admitted smugly, "Mari Alice is not a very tough-girl, huh?"

A rainstorm followed us home. The effectiveness of my single cup of coffee this morning has now expired. I wish for a nap. I long for a nap. I'd give $20 cash for a nap! Do you think the next time the baby sleeps, I could get 4 kids to go to separate rooms and stay quiet for $5 bucks each?