Friday, June 03, 2016

No Pomp Nor Circumstance

A meditation on

Romans 8:38-39

as pages turn in God's unfolding story

For I am convinced

I have pondered these things, and I stand resolved (on humbled knees)

I believe 

that neither death

all the scary things that could possibly happen but haven't yet

nor life,

all the experiences and interactions that happen every moment

neither angels nor demons,

all the good and evil intentions hidden in plain sight

neither the present

these people and priorities we currently choose

nor the future,

these decisions and dreams we currently pursue

nor any powers,  

anything or anyone that has influence over these choices and pursuits 

neither height

the thrilling victories and soaring accomplishments

the thriving relationships and simple pleasures

nor depth,

the gut-punches of failure and moments of defeat

the hurtful betrayals, the stubborn silence, and the humility of seeking forgiveness

nor anything else in all creation,

all the things I shudder to consider

all the ways the world is fallen

all the folks who come and go

all the freedoms offered you by the Creator

none of it

will be able to separate us from the love of God

It is impossible to sever or interrupt or alter the free-flowing, life-giving grace

that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

the One who is making this impossibility a reality,

the One and only - who deserves our attention, allegiance, and affection.

Choose Him. Follow Him.

This is Love. This is Life.

This is my constant prayer.