Monday, April 06, 2015


Finally, friends,

whatever is true,
I am falling short, but God made me and loves me and hasn't given up on me.

whatever is honorable,
God chose to send His Spirit to live in MY body.

whatever is just,
When I misuse food and neglect my body, there are natural consequences.

whatever is pure,
God designed my body to work hard and be nourished by food.

whatever is lovely,
My identity is in Christ. My soul will always be more important than this body that is wasting away.

whatever is commendable,
It's not too late ... there are changes to be made and work to be done.

if there is any excellence,
God has proven Himself faithful and miraculously merciful in other areas of my life.

if there is anything worthy of praise,
His character compels me to trust Him and praise Him in this too.

think about these things.

"I fail. He never gives up. I have made my own selfish choices in direct rebellion to His loving, wise plan. I am forgiven. I have a future and a hope. He will never leave me and His plans are for my good."

What you have learned
The way I over-eat and under-exercise indicate spiritual and emotional issues as much as they display physical imbalance.

and received
I know how to eat healthfully. I know how to exercise.

and heard
God's Spirit is telling me it's time to get real about this.

and seen in me
God has given me His Word, and has placed friends in plain sight who live this area of life WELL.

—practice these things,

"Today, I will consciously eat for nourishment - not absent-mindedly binge in order to stuff the pain or escape the stress or pacify the boredom. And today, I will go for a nice long walk."

and the God of peace will be with you. - Philippians 4:8-9
That's all I need. He is enough.