Thursday, January 31, 2013

Joy Dare 1.31.13

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

A Gift in Sky, Water, Memory...
a storm front gusts - howling fear and vulnerability - commanding a trust and fear in the Creator
brimming ponds lapping abundance onto banks
the first tornado we shared as a young married couple ... silent and scared, but secure

A Gift Wrinkled, Smoothed, Unfolded...
that middle of my forehead from all the moments of concentration or contemplation
our bedspread for the start of a day
all my kids clothes that lay in their drawers ... "ain't nobody got time f'dat!"

3 Gifts Found in Christ...
passion in compassion
promise of no compromise

3 Things Blue...
Landen's wranglers
Luke's nike socks
Philip's work shirts

A Grace Borrowed, Found, Inherited...
highly effective strategy for cleaning this house as a team
a fantastic musical for this summer's camp
appreciation for management and love for music from the 'rents:)

A Gift Before Dawn, At Noon, After Dark...
breaking fast with the Bread of Life
breaking bread with the folks in my life
giving thanks - satisfied in Him

3 Gifts in the Kitchen...
food - some tasty, some missing the mark
family time - some sweet, some strained
perpetual place of preparing and sharing ... gathering to be blessed in the mess.

3 Graces Found in Friends...
honest smiles
gentle rebukes
comfort and joy

A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen...
"No one else can bring my praise but me ..." by Amanda Singer
"I'm gonna help you ..." PRJ
2 Peter 1 ... like I haven't read it the hundred times before.

3 Old Things Seen New...
my grace girl - Ardyn ... the young woman she is becoming
the house ... fix it up like we're selling it ... then buy it again in our hearts
the game of baseball ...mind, body, and soul

A Gift on a Paper, In a Person, In a Picture...
long grocery receipts representing labor and love lavished
my blue-eyed handsome man who loves me well
snuggly nephews in far away places ...
(because any further than an arm's reach is simply too far)