Wednesday, November 07, 2012


In Philip's company, the signal for "affirmative" is "signal 7".

So all day long, when someone gives directions and he comprehends, his response on the radio is, "Seven!"
When someone gives an instruction, he happily answers, "Seven!"
When someone warns him to stop at the entrance because his truck won't make it up the road, he confirms, "Seven!"

Sometimes, he forgets I'm not a lineman when he talks to me.

"Honey, can you stop by and get eggs on your way home?"

(ummm. the customary dozen would be great, but ok.)

Thank You, God, for my handsome husband and his company of folks who keep our lights on.

Help me have that automatic affirmative response to everything You say to me. So when You give me direction or instructions or warnings, I instantly, out of strong habit, say "seven"... errr. "Yes!"