Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm thankful for the do-over.

I have cooked 3 turkeys in my life. Only once have I successfully followed through with removing ALL the "inclusions" before cooking.

Those paper bags of belly guts withstand high levels of sustained heat surprisingly well. (Sorta makes the turkey dry and slightly reminiscent of a kiss from a Marlboro Man, but whatev.)

The first time I was ignorant. Trying to rinse off the bird without getting too "personal" ... I had no idea that the processors thought I might be interested in a neck and some giblet junk.

The second time, I remembered to really clean out the cavernous fowl.

But then, last week, I did a trial run for the holidays. I rinsed the bird, washed my hands to help with a math problem, and went back to the sink to remove the neck. Then my prep work was interrupted again with someone needing my attention at the back of the house. (I've lost many a decent idea in that hallway as I traverse the floors of this home - attempting to mult-task.) Upon my return to the kitchen, noticing time was tight to have supper ready, I quickly loaded the turkey into the oven.

Long story short: I might be a moron. A highly publicized moron, since my kids got an enormous kick out of my culinary mis-hap and told their friends.

Short story long: this is only one example in which information and experience prove insufficient in my quest for consistent excellence.

So I am grateful for second [and third and forty-seventh] chances.