Monday, September 24, 2012

Joy Dare 09.23.12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

a gift fixed
the interest rate on our mortgage:)

a gift folded
the picture Mari colored, tucked into my purse as a surprise

a gift freckled
me. I have lots of places on my body "where the sun don't shine", but the rest is really freckled!

3 gifts in conversation 
"I'm willing to climb all over these folks just to get to talk to you!" -  MC, after braving the MHS football bleachers.

"Dad just drove up with a huge tractor! I mean this thing is part tractor, part bulldozer!!" - MariAlice marvelling at Papaw's bush-hog.

"You're awesome. You're kid's awesome. There's a light at the end of this tunnel ... and I promise it's not a train." - My personal cheerleader, KB:)

3 gifts in salvation
real security
peaceful hope
unseen riches

3 gifts in information
the hard thanks for grade reports
ministry calendars - WAY in advance
asking each family member to plan a meal - menu: done.

a gift rattling
vitamin B-12 complex

a gift receding
my urge to control my environment & circumstances

a gift reclaiming
my bathroom counter - uncluttered and clean

3 gifts quiet
staying behind after sending the family to early church
the little girl in MP3 who created her own choreography as we sang
CR communion

3 gifts funny
Philip saying that I drive like a Gramma.
SR realizing her life verse was on the dollar bill.
this video Uncle James made a couple weeks ago:)