Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Treasure Trove

Oh, a harmonica!
Look!  The pretty kitty who likes to have tea in the castle!!

No, it's not Christmas time. We're not opening birthday gifts.
We just thought we'd sort through the toy bin tonight.

Our storage unit has nine deep compartments, each intended for a specific group of toys: babies, blocks, books, kitchen stuff, music & puzzles, ponies, etc. 

In the course of a month or two, favorite toys sink to the bottom and become forgotten while the entire bin gets cluttered and disorganized.

We clear out three bins and begin to sort. Touching each toy, we decide where it belongs. Thrilled by her discoveries, the five year old says, "You know, cleaning is really fun!" Meanwhile, the two-year-old continues to inspect her new found treasures.

I giggle at their enthusiasm.  I think back to all the times over the last week that they have resisted playing in their room.  "There's nothing to do ... I don't know what to play with ... I'm tired of my toys." They had a satisfying treasure trove available the whole time!

As the girls continue to mine for toys and happily return each item to its rightful place, my thoughts shift toward my own heart.

How many times have I had similar apathy towards the blessings of God? The Bible is full of rich truths.  It is available every day for me to ingest and enjoy.  But for some reason, I become discouraged and bored.  I'm not willing to spend time getting things straight.  I lack the motivation to dig deep, where once-treasured truths lie buried under the clutter of everyday living.

Dear God, help me remember that Your treasures are already available to me. Motivate me to action. Give me courage and strength to dig deep and enthusiastically receive and utilize all Your gifts. Thank You!