Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yes Ma'am!

May is the busiest month of our lives.  It makes December look like a giant yawn. One school year is concluding, while plans for the next are being solidified. Everyone is playing ball. Or coaching ball. The rest are watching from folding chairs while slurping frozen tubes of colored sugar water.

This spring we have been heavily involved in the initiation of Celebrate Recovery with our church.  Then there is the planning and preparing for all the weeks of summer ministry. It takes many hours just to get face time with each of the kids. Throw in a touch of housework, a little piano playing, some writing projects, and all-night thunderstorms, and we're swamped!

However, even with all the activity and responsibility, this is a satisfied season.  We have prayed through every aspect as we saw this busy time approaching. We have consciously allowed some typical priorities to slip back just for the time being. (In my individual life, we're talking about my hair, mainly.) And we have done our best to enjoy every moment.

Someone called the other day to ask me to volunteer for something.

I said "no thank you".

I was not embarrassed to say "no".  I did not feel pressure to say "yes". I didn't even give my usual "you know I'm always willing, but could you keep trying to find someone, and call me if you can't?".

I felt tall and right before the Lord - at capacity in all the things He's called me to so far.
Secure in obedience. Seeking only His approval.
Baby steps:)