Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Joy Dare 5.7.12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

3 gifts tasted

biscuits with butter and honey
crisp green salad with a rainbow of chopped veggies
salty rich pistachios

3 gifts flat

Mari's very first softball pictures
Discover statement with a zero balance
love notes - red hearts and swirls from little girls

3 gifts found in difficult people

graphic reflection of how I am at times
opportunity for me to choose gentle compassion
space to be slow to speak

3 gifts before 9am

two quick miles of sunshine and shade
text messages touch base with a ":)"
tidy rooms and completed chores

a gift in a sign
"Construction Ahead: Expect Delay" -story of my Kingdom life

in a smile
my handsome husband, with polarized shades perched on his shiny head,
blue eyes look straight into me

in a snack
green apple slices and walnuts (does it get better than that?)

3 gifts found in Christ
freedom to offer such to others

3 gifts about my home
safe and set apart
oscillating volume level from library to parade
the place where their story begins