Monday, January 02, 2012

Multitude 1/2/12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...


the vast play list of lyrical Truth that overflows from my toddler's heart
"Amazing graith, how thweet the thound"
"So... hop down, turn around, give your heart to Him!!"

the five-year-old cleaning out the bathroom drawers without being asked...
then stating that "$4 is the lowest" she'll go, and "$6 is the highest" she'll go.

the way my older daughters play happily with guests...
even when those visitors could easily be described as "stinky boys".

the smile on my second-born's face as I finally arrive at a suitable suggestion for
celebrating his birthday.

answered prayers in the eldest's life...
glimmers of hope & happiness.

tough times,
total dependence on God
tender redemption
true joy

not-so-silent nights
the compulsion to create something wonderful
encouragement & thoughtful criticism
courage to continue
careful to keep in step