Monday, October 10, 2011

Multitude 10.10.11

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

watching my fellas play ball
the giggle that comes just before the first tickle - arms held high in tense anticipation
crushed ice in the slightest bit of water
the silent cadence of meditative scripture that provides the background baseline for my day
forgiveness when my selfish thoughts scratch like a needle on vintage vinyl

making sandwiches for lunches at large - so many at one time - I am rich
the exciting sizzle & sweet aroma of coffee brewing (may my praises be as such)
electric washer and dryer - so much time redeemed
the hand crafted swing set my father-in-love made - where darlings soar and sway 
my trusty crock pot - diligently prepares while I accomplish multiple tasks

stirring discussion
differing opinions
whole-hearted agreement
standing up for what's right
yielding in the non-essentials

waking after a long night of deep sleep - rested and ready to face a good day
waking after a brief night of interrupted sleep - resting in Strength made perfect
the new song He has put in my heart
beautiful daughters with whom I spend my days
daily opportunities to serve...Lord help me discover and fulfill each one